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Anti-Keynes Collection

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Anti-Keynes Collection
  • Away From Freedom
  • Critics of Keynesian Economics
  • Economics of Illusion, The
  • Failure of the "New Economics", The
  • Keynesian Episode, The
  • Keynes the Man
  • Tiger by the Tail, A
  • Where Keynes Went Wrong

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J.M. Keynes is like Marx in this sense: everyone keeps announcing the death of his thought, but his ideas keep coming back and back. This is not because they work or because they are good ideas but because the fallacies are framed in a way appeal to the statist impulse.

It was assumed in the 1950s that he was gone. Then again in the 1970s. And so too in the 1980s. Here it is in the new millennium and Keynes is once again riding high as the prophet of the world economy.

And what are the results? Terrible economic policy the world over. The debt, the cycles, the stagnation, the robbery of savers and investors - it can all be traced to this one man's topsy-turvey worldview.

This collection is designed to go for the heart of Keynes. Each book offers a particular take on his economic thought, showing it for what it is.

Keynes isn't going away soon. But this collection could help make a welcome departure happen much sooner than otherwise.

Simply put, it is the best collection ever assembled to show what is wrong with Keynesian theory, policy, and legacy!

Away From Freedom, by Orvall Watts

Critics of Keynesian Economics, edited by Henry Hazlitt

Economics of Illusion, by L. Albert Hahn

Failure of the "New Economics" by Henry Hazlitt

Keynesian Episode, by W.H. Hutt

Keynes the Man, by Murray N. Rothbard

Tiger by the Tail, A, by F.A. Hayek

Where Keynes Went Wrong, by Hunter Lewis


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Recommended Reading Order:
Keynes the Man
Away From Freedom
Tiger by the Tail, A
Failure of the "New Economics": An Analysis of the Keynesian Fallacies, The
Economics of Illusion, The
Where Keynes Went Wrong
Keynesian Episode, The
Critics of Keynesian Economics


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