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Conceived in Liberty Volume 3

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Hardcover, Volume 3 of 4-volume set
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This is Volume 3: Advance to Revolution: 1760-1775

    Part I: The British Army and the Western Lands

  •         The Stage Is Set
  •         The Ohio Lands: Pontiac's Rebellion
  •         The Ohio Lands: The Proclamation Line of 1763
  •         The British Army and the Grand Design

    Part II: Enforcement of Mercantilism

  •         Writs of Assistance in Massachusetts
  •         The White Pine Act
  •         Molasses and the American Revenue Act
  •         Reaction in Massachusetts
  •         Reaction in Rhode Island and Connecticut
  •         Reaction in New York
  •         Reaction in Pennsylvania
  •         Reaction in New Jersey
  •         Reaction in the South
  •         Enforcement Troubles
  •         The Newport Case

    Part III: Ideology and Religion

  •         The Threat of the Anglican Bishops
  •         The Parsons' Cause
  •         Wilkes and Liberty, 1763–1764

    Part IV: Edge of Revolution: The Stamp Act Crisis

  •         Passage of the Stamp Act
  •         Initial Reaction to the Stamp Act
  •         Patrick Henry Intervenes
  •         Sam Adams Rallies Boston
  •         Rhode Island Responds
  •         Response in New York
  •         Response in Virginia
  •         Response in Connecticut
  •         Response in Pennsylvania
  •         Response in the Carolinas and Georgia
  •         Official Protests
  •         The Stamp Act Congress
  •         Ignoring the Stamp Tax
  •         Government Replaced by the Sons of Liberty
  •         Repeal of the Stamp Act
  •         Aftermath of Repeal

    Part V: The Townshend Crisis, 1766–1770

  •         The Mutiny Act
  •         The New York Land Revolt
  •         Passage of the Townshend Acts
  •         The Nonimportation Movement Begins
  •         Conflict in Boston
  •         Wilkes and Liberty: The Massacre of St. George's Fields
  •         British Troops Occupy Boston
  •         Nonimportation in the South
  •         Rhode Island Joins Nonimportation
  •         Boycotting the Importers
  •         The Boston Massacre
  •         Conflict in New York
  •         Wilkes and America
  •         Partial Repeal of the Townshend Duties
  •         New York Breaks Nonimportation

    Part VI: The Regulator Uprisings

  •         The South Carolina Regulation
  •         The North Carolina Regulation

    Part VII: Prelude to Revolution, 1770–1775

  •         The Uneasy Lull, 1770–1772
  •         The Gaspée Incident
  •         The Committees of Correspondence
  •         Tea Launches the Final Crisis
  •         The Boston Tea Party
  •         The Other Colonies Resist Tea
  •         The Coercive Acts
  •         The Quebec Act
  •         Boston Calls for the Solemn League and Covenant
  •         Selecting Delegates to the First Continental Congress
  •         Resistance in Massachusetts
  •         The First Continental Congress
  •         The Continental Association
  •         The Impact on Britain
  •         The Tory Press in America
  •         Massachusetts: Nearing the Final Conflict
  •         Support from Virginia
  •         "The Shot Heard Round the World": The Final Conflict Begins

    Part VIII: Other Forces for Revolution

  •         The Expansion of Libertarian Thought
  •         The Vermont Revolution: The Green Mountain Boys
  •         The Revolutionary Movement: Ideology and Motivation

    Bibliographical Essay


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