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Conceived in Liberty Volume 4

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Hardcover, Volume 4
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This is Volume 4: The Revolutionary War: 1775-1984


Part I

  1. The War Begins
  2. Spreading the News of Lexington and Concord
  3. The Response in Britain
  4. Guerrilla or Conventional War
  5. The Seizure of Fort Ticonderoga
  6. The Response of the Continental Congress
  7. Charles Lee: Champion of Liberty and Guerrilla War
  8. The Battle of Bunker Hill
  9. Washington Transforms the Army
  10. The Invasion of Canada
  11. Paper Money Financing
  12. The New Postal System
  13. New York Fumbles in the Crisis

Part II: Suppressing the Tories

  1. The Suppression of Tories Begins
  2. Suppressing Tories in Rhode Island
  3. Suppressing Tories in New York
  4. Suppressing Tories in the Middle Colonies
  5. Virginia Battles Lord Dunmore
  6. Battling Tories in the South

Part III: The War in the First Half of 1776

  1. The British Assault on Charleston
  2. Forcing the British Out of Boston
  3. Privateering and the War at Sea
  4. Commodities, Manufacturing, and Foreign Trade
  5. Getting Aid from France
  6. Polarization in England and the German Response to Renting "Hessians"

Part IV' America Declares Independence

  1. America Polarizes
  2. Forming New Governments: New Hampshire
  3. New England Ready for Independence
  4. The Sudden Emergence of Tom Paine
  5. Massachusetts Turns Conservative
  6. The Drive Toward Independence
  7. The Struggle in Pennsylvania and Delaware
  8. New Jersey and Maryland Follow
  9. Independence Declared
  10. New York Succumbs to Independence

'Part V: The Military History of the Revolution, 1776–1778

  1. The Invasion of New York
  2. The Campaigns in New Jersey
  3. Planning in the Winter of 1777
  4. Rebellion at Livingston Manor
  5. The Burgoyne Disaster
  6. Howe's Expedition in Pennsylvania
  7. Winter at Valley Forge
  8. The Battle of Monmouth and the Ouster of Lee
  9. Response in Britain and France

Part VI'  The Political History of the United States, 1776–1778

  1. The Drive for Confederation
  2. The Articles of Confederation
  3. Radicalism Triumphs in Pennsylvania
  4. Struggles Over Other State Governments
  5. The Rise and Decline of Conservatism in New York

Part VII'': The Military History of the Revolution, 1778–1781

  1. The End of the War in the North
  2. The War at Sea
  3. The War in the West
  4. The Southern Strategy
  5. The Invasion of Georgia
  6. The Capture of Charleston
  7. The Emergence of Guerrilla Warfare in South Carolina
  8. Gates Meets the Enemy
  9. The Battle of King's Mountain
  10. Greene's Unorthodox Strategy
  11. The Race to the Dan
  12. The Battle of Guilford Courthouse
  13. The Liberation of South Carolina
  14. The Final Battle
  15. After Yorktown in the West
  16. The Response in Britain
  17. Making Peace

Part VIII  The Political and Economic History of the United States, 1778–1784

  1. Land Claims and the Ratification of the Articles of Confederation
  2. Inflationary Finance and Price Controls
  3. Conservative Counter-Revolution: Massachusetts and Pennsylvania in 1780
  4. Robert Morris and the Conservative Counter-Revolution in National Politics, 1780–1782
  5. Robert Morris and the Public Debt
  6. The Drive for a Federal Tariff
  7. The Newburgh Conspiracy
  8. The Fall of Morris and the Emergence of the Order of the Cincinnati
  9. The Western Lands and the Ordinance of 1784
  10. The Republic of Vermont

'Part IX'': The Impact of the Revolution

  1. Oppressing the Tories
  2. Tory Lands in New York
  3. Elimination of Feudalism and the Beginnings of the Abolition of Slavery
  4. Disestablishment and Religious Freedom
  5. Was the American Revolution Radical?
  6. The Impact in Europe

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