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Economics and Ethics of Private Property

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"Do not steal" is an excellent principle of ethics; it is also the first principle of sound economic systems.
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Austrian economics puts private property at the center of its analysis of value, price, and exchange. Respect for private property is also implied by the fundamental moral principle, "Do not steal."

Hans-Hermann Hoppe has devoted his life's work to the economics and ethics of private property. This book collects some of Hoppe's most important essays on this topic. Hoppe, a leading student and colleague of Murray Rothbard whose works have been translated into a dozen languages, explores the economic, ethical, sociological, and historical aspects of private property, showing how property rights are vital to all aspects of society: employment, interest, money, banking, trade cycles, taxes, public goods, war, imperialism, and the rise and fall of civilizations.

Barron's writes that "Hoppe's writings are like a laser beam. . . . Be prepared for arguments that push you beyond your limits." Hoppe carefully and consistently draws out the implications of property rights, and the state's violation of the private property order, for society and prosperity. The book is filled with insights that push the reader to imagine a fully free, private, and successful social and economic order.


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Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition

Part One – Economics

  • Chapter 1 Fallacies of the Public Goods Theory and the Production of Security
  • Chapter 2 The Economics and Sociology of Taxation
  • Chapter 3 Banking, Nation States, and International Politics: A Sociological Reconstruction of the Present Economic Order
  • Chapter 4 Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis
  • Chapter 5 Theory of Employment, Money, Interest, and the Capitalist Process: The Misesian Case Against Keynes
  • Chapter 6 How is Fiat Money Possible?—or, The Devolution of Money and Credit
  • Chapter 7 Against Fiduciary Media
  • Chapter 8 Socialism: A Property or Knowledge Problem?

Part Two – Philosophy

  • Chapter 9 On Praxeology and the Praxeological Foundation of Epistemology
  • Chapter 10 Is Research Based on Causal Scientific Principles Possible in the Social Sciences?
  • Chapter 11 From the Economics of Laissez Faire to the Ethics of Libertarianism
  • Chapter 12 The Justice of Economic Efficiency
  • Chapter 13 On the Ultimate Justification of the Ethics of Private Property
  • Chapter 14 Austrian Rationalism in the Age of the Decline of Positivism
  • Chapter 15 Rothbardian Ethics

Appendix: Four Critical Replies

  • Demonstrated Preference and Private Property
  • Utilitarians and Randians versus Reason
  • Intimidation by Argument
  • On the Indefensibility of Welfare Rights

ISBN 9780945466406
eISBN 9781610164689
Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Publication Date 2006
Original Publication Date 1993
Binding HB
Page Length 431

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"Do not steal" is an excellent principle of ethics; it is also the first principle of sound economic systems.
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