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F.A. Hayek T-Shirt Royal Blue

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This might be the most provocative in the series of shirts produced by the Institute.
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Price: $7.00
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Friedrich August Hayek is known most for his book The Road to Serfdom, which demonstrates how state social planning leads to totalitarianism; but he was also a business cycle theorist, trade theorist, historian, philosopher, innovator in legal studies and a Nobel Laureate.

In designing this Hayek shirt, the Ludwig von Mises Institute has decided to sum up his main contribution to political economy with the caption, "Collectivism is Slavery."

The color is a vibrant blue and the printing black. 100% cotton.

All shirts are 100% cotton pre-shrunk. Chest sizes are:

  • 34"-36" - Small
  • 38"-40" - Medium
  • 42"-44" - Large
  • 46"-48" - XL
  • 50"-52" - XXL


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by Nan Li
on 8/15/2011
Is it possible to ship abroad? I am in P. R. China.
by Trevor
on 12/27/2010
Not bad
I'm under 40 and Mises is one of my favorite political philosophers. I do like the concept of the faces and phrases on the shirts however not such a fan of the royal blue or bright red. I'm more of a softer color person myself.
by Will
on 12/1/2010
Please, please...
You need to get someone who cares about how they dress to design new shirts; shirts that are made with high quality fabric -- with an athletic fit if you want the under-40 crowd to be interested in buying them -- that actually look good (e.g. not bright blue with black writing).
by Robert
on 6/2/2009
Great concept, presentation could be better.
Love the concept and idea of this shirt, but I agree that a change from the black to a white font would make it much more appealing and easy to read.
by Matt
on 5/8/2009
Hayek as teacher
Been wearing this shirt all day. It's strange to find in VA so many who are willing servants of the state.
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