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Fundamentals of Economic Analysis: A Causal-Realist Approach - DVD

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2007 Seminar 10 lectures on 10 DVDs
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2007 Seminar 10 lectures on 10 DVDs

This is the ideal full course instructional set for anyone--college, high school, professional--who wants to come to understand the most advanced thinking within the Austrian School

Joseph Salerno and Peter G. Klein are two of the most productive microeconomists in the Austrian School today. This seminar gives you a preview of their forthcoming textbook for graduate students. It is both rigorous and clear -- and a bargain for any student.

  • Scarcity, Choice, and Value [Salerno]
  • Exchange and Demand [Salerno]
  • The Determination of Prices [Klein]
  • Price Controls: Case Studies [Salerno]
  • Pricing of the Factors of Production and the Labor Market [Klein]
  • Profit, Loss and the Entrepreneur [Klein]
  • Capital, Interest and the Structure of Production [Salerno]
  • Competition and Monopoly [Klein]
  • Money and Prices [Salerno]
  • Banking and the Business Cycle [Salerno]


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