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Garet Garrett: The Collection

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Save 15% if you buy all twelve of Garrett's pheneomenol works, fiction and nonfiction.
Price: $158.00
Garet Garrett: The Collection
  • Bubble That Broke the World, The
  • Cinder Buggy
  • Defend America First
  • Driver, The
  • Ex America: The 50th Anniversary of the People's Pottage
  • Harangue
  • Salvos Against the New Deal
  • Satan's Bushel
  • Wild Wheel
  • Insatiable Government
  • Unsanctioned Voice
  • American Story, The

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Save 15% when you buy all twelve!

Every one of these books is worth reading and owning. Garrett is one of the most extraordinary writers and thinkers of the 20th century, unjustly neglected. He was not only an amazing political commentator. He was a trenchant novelist as well, and because it is impossible to say which novel is best, this collection gives all of them, plus the best collections of his essays. This collection will turn you into a devoted fan, as we at are.

Cinder Buggy: A Fable in Iron and Steel $25.00
Satan's Bushel $22.00
Bubble That Broke the World $12.00
Defend America First $14.00
Driver, The $19.00
Ex America $17.00
The Wild Wheel $12.00
Salvos Against the New Deal $13.00
Harangue $20.00
Insatiable Government $18.00
Unsanctioned Voice $18.00
The American Story $14.00

Purchased separately total $186.00

save $28.00!


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