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This fabulous novel covers the period between 1820 and 1870 and its dramatic technology march.
Price: $25.00
The U.S. entry into World War II is one of the issues that American political culture considers to be settled and not discussable.
Price: $14.00
Here is a treasure in the history of the pro-capitalist novel.
Price: $19.00
The book that immortalized Garet Garret, the writer whose name had been familiar to American readers in the 1920s and 1930s but who turned against the...
Price: $17.00
Garet Garrett wrote one last, and truly spectacular, novel
Price: $20.00
The title comes from his great attack on the Hoover administration.
Price: $18.00
The Blue Eagle on the cover was the symbol that FDR demanded that all businesses display as a sign of adherence to wage and price controls.
Price: $13.00
This dazzling work in economic fiction is the third of Garet Garrett's novel trilogy.
Price: $22.00
What a fascinating life Garet Garrett lived! Journalist, novelist, anti-New Deal writer, and then prophet of decline in the 1950s, no one's prose and ...
Price: $18.00
No one, but no one, tells the story of the Ford Motor Company like Garet Garrett.
Price: $12.00