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Murray Rothbard T-Shirt Black

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This shirt made its debut at the Mises University--designed by students to celebrate the life and work of Murray.
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This shirt made its debut at the 2004 Mises University--designed by students to celebrate the life and work of Murray N. Rothbard. He was called the "state's greatest living enemy"--but he remains its greatest enemy today.

Rothbard's profile is featured here, along with the slogan "Enemy of the State."

The words sum up the theme of Rothbard's intellectual contribution. The color black is traditionally associated with independence and causes that reject loyalty to any particular state apparatus.

All shirts are 100% cotton pre-shrunk. Chest sizes are:

  • 34"-36" - Small
  • 38"-40" - Medium
  • 42"-44" - Large
  • 46"-48" - XL
  • 50"-52" - XXL


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by Tyrone
on 8/19/2011
Brilliant! Not just the shirt, but Rothbard himself & the Mises Institute. First I bought the long sleeve version, but since it provokes conversation about who Rothbard was & what the t-shirt means & because I like wearing it so much I figured i needed the short sleeve as well so I can wear it all year round regardless of the weather. The best thing about all these shirts is they make you refine your understanding about all the topics they express, so you can quickly share these with friends & strangers who inquire. Clothing that makes you learn, teach & emanate truth & common sense wisdom.
by John
on 6/5/2011
take care with this T-shirt
I wore this T-shirt going through TSA, I was groped padded my bags torn apart and xray scanned 3 times. I'm a 58 year old overweight middle class looking american with short graying hair and no facial hair. If we all wore this shirt through TSA the crowds would riot due to the delays :)
by Joe Esty
on 4/29/2011
Murray's the best
I wore it on the Strip in Vegas recently. It was interesting to see all the puzzled looks it aroused. Great shirt with an even better statement.
by Sean
on 3/28/2011
Great shirt. I'd love to see it offered in a hoodie.
by Eric
on 1/18/2011
Be ready to field the many inquiries brought about by this tee
This tee has quickly become my favorite article of clothing. "The Enemy of the State" illicits a response from nearly everyone who sees it, giving me an opportunity to illustrate the fallacies inherent in our government structure. I'm proud to say it has won a few converts and planted a great many more seeds, it also, unfortunately, has sent more than a few statists off in a huff. I'd be interested to see how many additional hits this site has received due to this it just looks cool. Thanks so much for the site and how about giving us a Walter Block tee?
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