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Century of War, A

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The twentieth century was the bloodiest in all history—not coincidentally a century of statism.
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The horrors of the twentieth century could hardly have been predicted in the nineteenth century, which saw the eighteenth century end with the American Revolution bringing about the creation of the first classical liberal government in history. The twentieth century was the bloodiest in all history. More than 170 million people were killed by government with 10 million having been killed in World War I and 50 million killed in World War II. Of the 50 million killed in World War II, nearly 70 percent were innocent civilians.


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by Matthew
on 12/7/2010
Absolutely Fascinating Book
I had not read too many history books before this one but found that after I started reading this I couldn't put it down. It was extremely well written and extremely interesting - and in way quite scary. Highly recommended.
by Mike
on 9/15/2010
An eye opening examination of this period of history
This is a eye opening examination of the three wars that changed this nation, the civil liberties that were violated and the lies put forth by Lincoln, Wilson and FDR.
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ISBN 9781933550060
eISBN 9781610165082
UPC 1933550066
Publisher Ludwig von Msies Institute
Publication Date 2006
Binding PB
Page Length 207

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