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Rothbard Flask

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Fight the new Prohibition, and the ideology behind it.
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Price: $15.00


We all know it is coming; the new prohibitionism. Some might say it is already here, with ever more age restrictions, driving restrictions, taxes and regulations, and outright bans here, there, and nearly everywhere.

Mises himself summed up the case. A government that tells you what you can drink will not hesitate to control what you are permitted to read and what you are permitted to do. Liberty is all of piece. You take some away and you establish a basis for taking it all way.

So here we are: the flask that not only fights back against these trends in public life but makes a strong ideological point. Sporting the profile of that famed fighter against all prohibition, Murray N. Rothbard, the flask says that its owner is an enemy of the state.

After all, it was Rothbard who demonstrated how the first Prohibitionism was linked to a huge statist agenda to control all food and industrial production, draft people into war, and even make the entire world safe for a rum-free democracy. It is not really about rum as such but about the cause of liberty vs. the state that wants to draw all things unto itself.

So too, this flask isn't just a thing to carry a liquid substance. It is a symbol, a statement, a testament to an indefatigable belief: my liberty will not be surrendered.

Suffice it to say that there is nothing like this flask anywhere in the world but on

You will be highly impressed at the excellent quality. It will hold up over a long period of use, and the size is right for the hip or coat pocket or anywhere .

And come on: it is obviously so fantastic, and the price astonishingly good, you might as well buy several, and be a hero to your friends, who surely need to learn to hate the state too.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask 8oz.


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by William
on 1/30/2014
from South Carolina
Nice flask
Apparently there was more than one production version of the flask: mine has no plastic but even if it did I'd still be very happy with it and the design. God willing, I look forward to many years of putting it to good use. I may even buy some more to give out as gifts if for no other reason than to get people to read Rothbard.
by Bob
on 12/18/2011
from Colorado
Great Flask
I can confirm people saying that there is some plastic on this flask.  The little arm that holds the cap on the flask I received is the only plastic part.  I am far from disappointed though. The flask is light, comfortable and I love the design.  
by patrick
on 7/7/2011
from Tempe
Good flask
I don't understand the previous reviews concerned with the quality of this flask and how it doesn't live up to some ridiculous standard. It's a $20 flask, get over it. It's light, hides well, the message could not be any better, and the reality is you won't cry when you have to replace it. This is an excellent around campus accessory. and there is NO plastic. 
by andy
on 3/24/2011
from Nebraska
Average Flask
The idea is excellent, but the product is very average.  One of my prized possessions in college was a super sturdy Soviet-issue flask with a profile of Lenin's head emblazoned on top... it is a bit screwed up that the Rothbard counterpart looks like something you might get at a kiosk in the mall.
It functions fine, but I like my anti-authoritarianism with a little more style.
by Jesse
on 1/5/2011
from Brooklyn
Stainless Steel Flask
After reading a previous review that mentioned plastic, I got out my flask to double-check, and I can tell you there is definitely no plastic part on mine.

It must have been some unfortunate fluke.  My suggestion would be to see if they'll exchange it.
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