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Man vs. The Welfare State - Digital Book

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In this 1969 work, Henry Hazlitt explains why politicians who promise salvation through government are dangerous.
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In this 1969 work, Henry Hazlitt explains why politicians who promise salvation through government are dangerous. Among the essays:

Instant Utopia
Salvation Through Government Spending
"We Owe It To Ourselves"
Consequences of Dollar Debasement
The High Cost of Wage Hikes
Price Controls
More on Price Controls
Who Protects the Consumer?
Famines Are Government-Made
Runaway Relief and Social Insecurity
Income Without Work
Fallacies of the Negative Income Tax
Can We Guarantee Jobs?
Soaking the Rich
Soaking the Corporations
Government Planning vs. Economic Growth
Government As Prosperity-Maker
Uruguay: Welfare State Gone Wild
Inflation Is Worldwide
The Case for the Gold Standard
The Fallacy of Foreign Aid
Government Unlimited
From Spencer's 1884 to Orwell's 1984
The Task Confronting Libertarians
What We Can Do About It


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eISBN 9781610163996
Publication Date [1969] 2007
Page Length 225

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