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Bastiat Premium Fitted T-Shirt Turquoise

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Who wouldn't be inspired by Bastiat's lifelong struggle to impart economic wisdom to the masses?
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Price: $15.00


Who wouldn't be inspired by Bastiat's lifelong struggle to impart economic wisdom to the masses?

His message was often negative in the sense that he denounced economic fallacies which had taken hold in 19th-century France, but his last book, Economic Harmonies, displayed a more positive outlook. Through it, he sought to show how the debate between socialism and liberty comes down to one's conception of society: Is it characterized by conflict or the possibility of cooperation through exchange?

As the title of his last great book, 'Economic Harmonies' sums up Bastiat's vision of the workings of society. For this reason, we have chosen it to represent his amazing contribution to modern economic understanding.

By wearing this shirt, you help take Bastiat's struggle to educate his fellow man into our own times!

All shirts are Next Level brand fitted style. 


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by Rigo
on 7/31/2014
A Perfect Shirt
I love the powder blue tone of this shirt and it's soft feel.  It's nice to spread the great news of and look cool at the same time.
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