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A lone voice of economic sanity in the U.S. after World War II was Henry Hazlitt.
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A lone voice of economic sanity in the United States after World War II was Henry Hazlitt, who had moved in 1946 from the New York Times editorial page to Newsweek magazine, where he wrote until the late 1960s. He wrote a column every week on the most important economic topic being discussed in politics and the media. Each column was about 800 words, and each taught a lesson using logic and evidence. His column was always a wonderful annoyance to the political class and a ray of bright light for freedom lovers everywhere.

None of these columns has appeared in print since. Business Tides brings them all back to light in a gorgeous and easy-to-read format, arranged from the first to the last. The topics are the same ones that are in the news today: deficits, spending, tariffs and trade, inflation and the gold standard, wage and price controls, regulations, presidential intervention, stimulus and laissez-faire, and government spending on research.

Reading this book is like getting your own personal guided tour of the economic history of the postwar world. It enlightens on every page. It is a kind of "live blog" of the entire period of history. Hazlitt's tone is always sober, stable, and fluid, with a timeless quality that impresses the reader with its logic and erudition. It appears on issue after issue, in every article without exception.

Of course you can turn to any page and enjoy his commentary. But it is especially interesting to read the articles in sequence, because quite often Hazlitt elaborates on particular points as a debate developments and then he further refines his points in light of critics. Reading the articles in this way, the reader gains a through understanding of the topic in question.

The real beauty of this volume — which is an amazing 900-page hardback with a two-column layout — is that it rescues from history some of the most powerful and important economic commentary ever. It came about during the great transition out of the war and into peaceful economic planning of the sort inspired by Keynes. Hazlitt fought it every step of the way, valiantly and with the cool light of reason and wisdom. We will never know for sure how many bad policies were stopped by his writing, but he sure did leave a wonderful legacy for future generations.

Paul Charles Milazzo of the University of Ohio writes the comprehensive introduction based on the archives.

It also features a detailed index.



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by Thomas Hurst
on 10/8/2012
from Las Vegas
A magnificent collection of the "lost" Hazlitt!
Having read and enjoyed all of Hazlitt's books - he really is one of the most interesting, stylish and accessible writers on economics in the 20th century - I was looking forward to getting this new collection of his Newsweek essays that are so hard to obtain otherwise.  Upon receipt I was totally overwhelmed!  An absolutely huge book (approx. 9" x 12", and 900 packed pages!) containing each and every one of the 971 essays he wrote from 1946 through the 1960s; in it you will find writings on every important topic of the day.  This will keep me busy for some time!  And the book is actually typeset and crisply printed rather than being scanned originals.  Well done to the Mises Institute for producing this testament to Henry Hazlitt's impeccable logic and writing!!  This one is a real treasure!
by Marc
on 10/3/2011
from Austin,TX
Business Tides
Pick a year- any year 1946-1966. Pick a week any week- and sit back in awe at what Henry Hazlitt wrote in his editorials for Newsweek. Pick a page anywhere in this massive > 850 page tome and you will be amazed at the depth and breadth of economic wisdom no longer seen in the mainstream media. I was too young to have read these when they were first published but am happy I got the chance to now. The entries are timeless. This book is extremely easy to read, the introduction by Paul Milazzo is superb. Fully indexed and ready for any use- pleasure or research. Fantastic.
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Publisher LvMI
Publication Date 9/28/2011
Binding HB
Page Length 898
Dimensions 9 x 11.25 x 1.6

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