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Conceived in Liberty, Volume 5: The New Republic - Digital Book

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The Fifth Volume of Conceived in Liberty highlights the most important battle of the American project — one that continues to this day — the conflict between those that want to centralize power, and those that choose to stand to defend the American heritage of liberty.


Murray Rothbard was not just a remarkable economist and political thinker, but one of the best revisionist historians of the twentieth century.

One of his greatest career accomplishments was Conceived in Liberty, a masterful analysis of the libertarian origins of the American Revolution and the founding of the United States. Written with his lens of "liberty vs. power," this book demonstrates both his brilliance and originality — deftly handling a huge amount of research including a vast array of hitherto unknown facts.

Unfortunately, due to a tragic technological failing, the original print run of Conceived in Liberty only included the first four of a five-volume work. The fifth volume focusing on the adoption of the Constitution and the Washington administration, sat dormant for decades as a complete, but handwritten, manuscript.

Enter Patrick Newman.

As a young Research Fellow at the Mises Institute, Patrick Newman has made incredible use of the Rothbard Archives in Auburn. Some of his early career achievements include unearthing an original chapter of Man, Economy, and State — providing a fascinating look at Rothbard's own growth as an economist — and editing The Progressive Era, another work focusing on a pivotal period of American history.

While none of those projects compared to the work required to translate Murray's handwriting into a complete book, it provided him with the tools he needed to get the job done. The result is the remarkable resurrection of what will become an important work in the libertarian historical canon.

Conceived in Liberty, Volume 5, highlights the most important battle of the American project — one that continues to this day — the conflict between those that want to centralize power, and those that choose to stand to defend the American heritage of liberty.

The fifth volume completes Murray’s great work, lost for decades, yet as relevant as the day he finished it.


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Foreword by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Preface by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Introduction by Patrick Newman

1. The Rothbardian Approach to History

2. The Rothbardian Perspective on Early American History: From Jamestown to the Constitution

3. Conclusion

Part I: The Economic Legacy of the American Revolution

1. Changes in Foreign Trade

2. The Depression of the 1780s and the Banking Struggle

3. The Drive for State and Federal Protective Tariffs

4. The Burdens of State Public Debt

5. The Issuance of State Paper Money

6. The Burdens of Federal Public Debt

Part II: The Western Lands and Foreign Policy

7. The Old Northwest

8. The Old Southwest

9. The Jay-Gardoqui Treaty and the Mississippi River

10. The Diplomacy of the Confederation

Part III: The Nationalists Triumph: The Constitutional Convention

11. Shays’ Rebellion

12. The Annapolis Convention

13. The Delegates of the Convention and America’s Great Men

Part IV: The Nationalists Triumph: The Constitution

14. Elections in the Bicameral Congress

15. The Nature of National Power

16. The Debate Over Representation in Congress

17. Strengthening the Executive and Judiciary

18. The Preliminary Draft

19. The Corrupt Bargain and the Preservation of Slavery

20. The Ratification and Amendment Process

21. The Election of the President

Part V: The Nationalists Triumph: The Constitution Ratified

22. Congress and the First Step

23. Federalist Control of the Mail and Newspapers

24. Little Delaware and New Jersey Ratify

25. The Battle for Pennsylvania

26. Georgia and Connecticut Follow

27. The Setback in New Hampshire

28. The Battle for Massachusetts

29. Rhode Island Holds Out

30. Maryland and South Carolina Ratify

31. New Hampshire Follows

32. The Battle for Virginia

33. The Battle for New York and the Twilight of the Antifederalists

34. The Constitution Takes Effect

35. North Carolina Postpones and then Ratifies

36. The Coercion of Rhode Island

Part VI: The Nationalists Triumph: The Constitution’s Legacy

37. The Bill of Rights

38. Was the U.S. Constitution Radical?


Index of Names

Index of Subjects

ISBN 9781610167086
eISBN 9781610167147
UPC 1610167082
Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Publication Date 10/25/2019
Page Length 332

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