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Concise Guide to Economics - Digital Book

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The great merit of this book is to bring out the connection between economics and freedom in the clearest and shortest possible way.


Digital Edition

To understand economics is to understand the practical case for freedom. The great merit of this book is to bring out the connection in the clearest and shortest possible way.

The Concise Guide To Economicsis a handy, quick reference guide for those already familiar with basic economics, and a brief, compelling primer for everyone else. Professor Jim Cox introduces topics ranging from entrepreneurship, wages, money, trade, and inflation to the consequences of price controls and anti-price gouging laws.

If it were read alongside the daily newspaper, it would undermine most all the fallacies that appear nearly every day. 

Along the way, he defends the crucial role of advertising, speculators, and heroic insider traders.

Thus does the book combines straightforward, common sense analysis with hard-core dedication to principle, using the fewest words possible to explain the topic clearly. And each brief chapter includes references to further reading so those who are curious to dig deeper will know where to look next.

The popularity of this book has been growing for several years. A website dedicated to itis already very popular. One organization dedicated to public activism buys it by the hundreds, viewing it as the shortest and best way to counter economic fallacy.

The Concise Guide makes a great gift to those who have never thought about the workings of economic logic, and thereby misunderstand the case for free-market capitalism.

Digital eBook format

From the Introduction by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.:

"The beauty of Cox's book comes from both its clear exposition and its brevity. He offers only a few paragraphs on each topic but that is enough for people see both error and truth. Sometimes just mapping out the logic beyond the gut reaction is enough to highlight an economic truth. He does this for nearly all the topics that confront us daily.

"Many people only have a moment. That's why the guide is essential. It is probably the shortest and soundest guide to economic logic in print. May it be burned into the consciousness of every citizen now and in the future."


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Basics and Applications

1. Overview of the Schools of Economic Thought

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Profit/Loss System

4. The Capitalist Function

5. The Minimum Wage

6. Price Gouging

7. Price Controls

8. Regulation

9. Licensing

10. Monopoly

11. Antitrust

12. Unions

13. Advertising

Persuasion vs. Information

Waste vs. Efficiency

Concentration vs. Competition

14. Speculators

15. Heroic Insider Trading

16. Owners vs. Managers

17. Market vs. Government Provision of Goods

18. Market vs. Command Economy

19. Free Trade vs. Protectionism

Military Self-Sufficiency

Protection of Domestic Industry

Employment Protection

Diversification for Stability

Infant Industry


Cheap Foreign Labor

Money and Banking

20. Money

21. Inflation

22. The Gold Standard

23. The Federal Reserve System

24. The Business Cycle

25. Black Tuesday

26. The Great Depression


27. Methodology

28. Labor Theory of Value

29. The Trade Deficit

30. Economic Class Analysis

31. Justice, Property Rights, and Inheritance

32. Cost Push

33. The Phillips Curve

34. Perfect Competition

35. The Multiplier

36. The Calculation Debate

37. The History of Economic Thought



About the Author

ISBN 9781933550152
eISBN 9781610166164
Publisher Mises Institute
Publication Date 09/14/14
Original Publication Date 2007
Edition Digital
Page Length 136

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The great merit of this book is to bring out the connection between economics and freedom in the clearest and shortest possible way.
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