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Depression Book Bundle 20% off

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Depression Book Bundle 20% off
  • Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal
  • Taxpayers in Revolt
  • America's Great Depression (Pocket Edition)
  • Roosevelt Myth, The


The policies of Franklin Roosevelt kept the country in an unnecessary depression for many years. The lesson one might think is obvious: don't do that kind of thing any more!

So what does the U.S. government do when the housing bubble pops? It repeats all the mistakes of the past, fobbing off its regimentation and robbery as the "solution."

So how do we refute, crush, demolish, and destroy this tendency? First, the intellectual error must be exposed. Toward that end, we have put together the ultimate blast against the myths of 1929 crash, the Great Depression, the New Deal, and FDR. We have cut the price down as low as possible just to get the truth out as widely as possible.

They explain and prove what is generally unknown: the Fed caused the crash, FDR prolonged the depression, the Fed tried to fix its mistake but failed, and the entire New Deal project led to a massive tax revolt that frightened the heck out of the elites.

Talk about repeating history!

But we have to know it well in order to draw attention to it. These four books do the job. It is our secret weapon against the newest attempts to loot the country in the name of fixing the problems caused by government and its central bank.

1 Paperback - America's Great Depression $9.95 
1 Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal $18.95 
1 Taxpayers in Revolt $12.00
1 Roosevelt Myth, The Paperback with Raico Introduction $20.00
Retail Price $61.00

Kit Price = $ 49.00


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