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Inclined to Liberty - Digital Book
We are surrounded every day by anti-capitalist clichés. Here are the answers.
Price: $5.00
Income Tax: The Root of All Evil - Digital Book
This is his American classic that argues that the income tax made it possible to violate individual rights.
Price: $3.75
Individualism and Economic Order - Digital Book
If you are looking to acquaint yourself with F.A. Hayek's perspective on economic theorym, this is the best source
Price: $4.95
Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It - Digital Book
The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It , newly in print in hardcover at a low price, is his masterpiece on money. The book reappears just in t...
Price: $5.00
Instead of Violence - Digital Book
Written in 1951, this is one of Leonard Read’s earliest pamphlets on what he called “the philosophy of freedom.”
Price: $3.50
Interest and Prices - Digital Book
It was this work by Swedish economist Wicksell that drew Mises's attention to the effects of interest rate manipulation on the capital structure.
Price: $5.00
Introduction to the Theory of Value - Digital Book
It is astonishing that a book of this quality would have been completely lost to history.
Price: $5.00
Investigations Into the Method of the Social Sciences- Digital Book
Here is the book that gave the Austrian School its name!
Price: $5.00
Irrepressible Rothbard - Digital Book
Essays show forth not only Rothbard's intellectual vigor, but the complete joy with which he embraced life.
Price: $5.00