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End the Fed Mug
End the Fed logo on one side - Mises.org Economics of Freedom on the other.
Price: $10.00
LvMI Hugger
Can or bottle koozie with LvMI logo. Get them while they last!
Price: $3.00
Mises Institute Rocks Glass
Enjoy a toast to liberty and property with the Mises Institute's engraved rocks glass!
Price: $12.00
Mises Institute White Mug
LvMI logo imprinted on one side and tu ne cede malis, Mises's life long motto on the other.
Price: $10.00
Radio Rothbard Mug
You can now enjoy the podcast with the official mug of the podcast!
Price: $12.95
Rothbard Pub Glass
Use your liberty to drink wisely, and publicly, and make a statement about the ideas of liberty at the same time.

Price: $12.00
Shot Glass - Rothbard
This little gem speaks for itself.
Price: $5.00