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EBenezer: A Globalist's Christmas Carol

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“We technologists have evolved to be far more than Plato’s philosopher kings. Like it or not, we have become the real power, priests and parliament of the present age. WE ARE THE NEW MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.”
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Ebenezer, or EB as he’s better known, is on top of the world. As the planet’s foremost Big Tech titan and technologist, he’s unfathomably rich, famous and extremely powerful – an elite of the elites. But he’s also one of the world’s greediest and most ruthless corporate business moguls and social activists. Using all his brilliance, money and wildly successful technologies, EB works tirelessly to save the planet from the ignorant masses that don’t share his globalist vision—a vision of an all powerful global world order that he controls.

In this futuristic adaptation and techno suspense thriller, travel with EB and the three Heaven sent spirits to the past, through the present and into the future of an America and world where a powerful antichrist technocratic elite rule. Will EB, like Scrooge of old, heed the message from above and change his ways? Or will the temptation to be exalted with more power than he’s ever dreamed of be too much for the brilliant globe trotting tycoon to resist?


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by michaelf
on 12/18/2023
A Beloved Classic Retold for the Modern World
Mark Hanna has done, if not the impossible, then the improbable--updating a beloved literary classic, staying true to the heart and message of the original, and yet making the new story uniquely his own. In fact, "EBenezer" is more ambitious than the Dickens classic, not only exploring the meaning of Christmas, as DIckens did, but delving deep into Christian apologetics, political ideology, technology, even life and death and salvation.

The story takes place in the near-future, and is laced with technology. EB is the modern iteration of Scrooge, and he is a global industrialist who has world-conquering ambitions. Not so much in line with the leaders and dictators of the previous century, but with the technocrats of today--billionaires and global corporations whose reach and power are enormous. The story, in addition to the "Christmas Carol" motifs that inspired it, tackles the issue of technology--how much is too much, who benefits, how is it used, who decides and controls it, and,
by michaelf
on 12/18/2023
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ultimately, how does it affect the human race.

"EBenezer," like "A Christmas Carol" before it, is a morality tale, a journey into the heart of what it means to be a person, to live in a world with others, to seek out truths beyond just money and power and control. If you are a fan of the Dickens classic--and who isn't?--then give "EBenezer" a try. It is Scrooge updated for the 21st century. The technology is impressive. The world-building is formidable. The apologetics are thought-provoking. But, at its core, the story explores the truths inside of us--not in boardrooms or corporate offices, but in the secret, hidden chambers of the human heart.
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ISBN 9798987333105
Publisher Markus Partners
Original Publication Date 11/28/22
Binding HB
Page Length 458
Dimensions 6x8