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Early Speculative Bubbles and Increases in the Supply of Money: 4th Expanded Edition

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Dive into the Untold Story of Historical Bubbles: Discover the Monetary Secrets Behind World's Greatest Economic Mysteries.
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For the discerning reader with a passion for economic history, Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases In The Supply of Money: 4th Expanded Edition opens the vault to the past's most captivating financial enigmas. Douglas E. French masterfully charts a course through history's turbulent monetary waters, revealing the underlying currents that drove the world's most talked-about economic bubbles.

Dive deep into the heart of 17th-century Netherlands, a realm where the simple tulip bulb became the center of an economic whirlwind, the legendary Tulipmania. But was it mere human folly that drove this frenzy? French challenges popular theories, spotlighting the unobserved governmental interventions and money supply explosions that truly fanned the flames.

Travel from the illustrious trading floors where the South Sea Bubble and Panic of 1857 were born, to the gilded coasts of California during its monumental gold rush. Each tale unravels a consistent thread: the hidden hand of government meddling and the intoxication of rapid money creation.

This 4th edition, building upon French's esteemed Master's thesis and expanded with fresh insights, serves as a bridge connecting past economic phenomena with present-day market dynamics. Readers will be astounded by the striking parallels between yesteryears' bubbles and today's financial headlines, each underscored by similar patterns of low interest rates, easy credit, and sweeping public euphoria.

With Early Speculative Bubbles & Increases In The Supply of Money, you're not just reading economic history. You're gaining a lens to view, understand, and anticipate the financial ebbs and flows of tomorrow.


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  • Preface: Jeffrey Tucker
  • Foreword: Andy Duncan
  • Introduction to first and second editions
  • Introduction to third and fourth editions
  • Preface to fourth expanded edition
  • Chapter 1: The Greater Fool Theory
  • Chapter 2: Tulipmania
  • Chapter 3: Free Coinage, the Bank of Amsterdam, and Tulipmania
  • Chapter 4: John Law, Genius or Swindler
  • Chapter 5: John Law's Monetary Theories
  • Chapter 6: The Mississippi Bubble
  • Chapter 7: The South Sea Bubble
  • Chapter 8:The California Gold Rush and the Panic of 1857
  • Chapter 9: The Boom of the 1850s and the Panic of 1857
  • Conclusion:Increases in the Supply of Money, Speculative Bubbles, and the Austrian Malinvestment Theory
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Author
ISBN 9798822929678
eISBN 9781610164559
Publisher Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date 03/05/2024
Original Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Original Publication Date 2009
Edition 4th
Binding PB
Page Length 218
Dimensions 6x9

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