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Economic Controversies

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A model of intellectual combat, page after page of razor-sharp thinking and crystal-clear prose.
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After Murray Rothbard finished his theoretical magnum opusMan, Economy, and Statehe turned his attention away from pure positive theory toward dealing with the opposition to Austrian theory. The result was a long series of fantastic scholarly articles taking on every error of the day, and our day too.

Together they form a volume 2 of his great work. This is Economic Controversies. He covers the same range of topics in Man, Economy, and State. Most all have been published, but they are strewn out among journals that are hard to access or books that are out of print. Some have never been published.

Rothbard gives his all in these critiques of the opponents of Austrian theory and policy, slicing through fallacies with breathtaking virtuosity. It’s a model of intellectual combat, page after page of razor-sharp thinking and crystal-clear prose.

To have this all in one place, beautifully organized, creates a treasure in the history of economic ideas.

Gene Epstein of Barron's writes the outstanding introduction. The price is thrillingly affordable for this gigantic hardback.


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Introduction by Gene Epstein

    Section One: Method

  1. The Mantle of Science
  2. What is the Proper Way to Study Man?
  3. Praxeology as the Method of the Social Sciences
  4. Praxeology: The Methodology of Austrian Economics
  5. Praxeology, Value Judgments, and Public Policy
  6. In Defense of “Extreme Apriorism”
  7. Praxeology: Reply to Mr. Schuller
  8. The Hermeneutical Invasion of Philosophy and Economics

  9. Section Two: The Austrian School

  10. New Light on the Prehistory of the Austrian School
  11. The Present State of Austrian Economics
  12. Ludwig von Mises and the Paradigm for Our Age
  13. Value Implications of Economic Theory
  14. The Myth of Efficiency
  15. Breaking Out of the Walrasian Box: Schumpeter and Hansen
  16. Professor Rolph on the Discounted Marginal Productivity Theory
  17. Professor Kirzner on Entrepreneurship
  18. Toward a Reconstruction of Utility and Welfare Economics

  19. Section Three: Property and the Public Sector

  20. The Politics of Political Economists
  21. Justice and Property Rights
  22. Law, Property Rights, and Air Pollution
  23. The Fallacy of the “Public Sector”
  24. Statistics: Achilles’s Heel of Government
  25. How and How Not to Desocialize

  26. Section Four: Taxation

  27. The Myth of Neutral Taxation
  28. The Myth of Tax “Reform”
  29. The Consumption Tax: A Critique
  30. The Case Against the Flat Tax
  31. The Uneasy Case for Degressive Taxation: A Critique of Blum and Kalven
  32. The Single Tax: Economic and Moral Implications
  33. The Value-Added Tax is Not the Answer
  34. A Reply to Georgist Criticisms

  35. Section Five: Trade and Freedom

  36. Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism, and the Division of Labor
  37. Restrictionist Pricing of Labor
  38. Mercantilism: A Lesson for Our Times?
  39. Capitalism versus Statism
  40. A Future of Peace and Capitalism

  41. Section Six: Money, Banking, and Calculation

  42. The Austrian Theory of Money
  43. Money, the State, and Modern Mercantilism
  44. Austrian Definitions of the Supply of Money
  45. Gold vs. Fluctuating Fiat Exchange Rates
  46. The Case For a Genuine Gold Dollar
  47. Inflation and the Business Cycle: The Collapse of the Keynesian Paradigm
  48. Lange, Mises and Praxeology: The Retreat from Marxism
  49. Ludwig von Mises and Economic Calculation Under Socialism
  50. The End of Socialism and the Calculation Debate Revisited
  51. The Myth of Free Banking in Scotland
  52. Aurophobia: Or, Free Banking on What Standard?

  53. Section Seven: Criticism

  54. Milton Friedman Unraveled
  55. Paul Samuelson’s Economics, Ninth Edition
  56. Heilbroner’s Economic Means and Social Ends
  57. Buchanan and Tullock’s The Calculus of Consent


ISBN 9781933550961
eISBN 9781610165235
Publisher LvMI
Publication Date 2011
Binding HB
Page Length 997
Subject Economics
Dimensions 6" x 9" x 1.5"

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A model of intellectual combat, page after page of razor-sharp thinking and crystal-clear prose.
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