Economic History

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Fabian Freeway: High Road to Socialism in the U.S.A. - Digital Book
Both prophetic and illuminating, Fabian Freeway documents the rise and progress of socialism in Britain and the United States
Price: $3.99
Forgotten Depression
James Grant tells the story of America’s last governmentally-untreated depression; relatively brief and self-correcting, it gave way to the Roar...
Price: $22.95
From Bretton Woods to World Inflation
Hazlitt said it would fail. He was right.
Price: $12.95
From Bretton Woods to World Inflation - Digital Book
Hazlitt said it would fail. He was right.
Price: $5.00
Global Curse of the Federal Reserve
Reveals and explores the missing link between the Austrian School of Economics and behavioral finance theory.
Price: $24.95
Government Against the Economy
The story of the U. S. Government's on-going destruction of the American economic system through price controls.

Price: $15.00
Great American Land Bubble
Those who lived through the huge speculative real estate bubble of the 1990s through 2008 might have imagined that it was unprecedented. Not so. Far f...
Price: $19.95
Great Deformation
How Crony Capitalism Corrupts Free Markets and Democracy
Price: $19.95
Great Depression, The
The New Deals of America and Britain were a decade-long calamity that exceeded the damage of the economic downturn itself. The theory behind the polic...
Price: $15.00
History of American Currency, A
A sweeping history of the calamity of paper money in the United States from the Colonial Period to the Civil War.
Price: $25.00
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