Economic History

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Making Economic Sense
Do you ever watch the business news and think: what would Murray Rothbard say about this?
Price: $15.95
Why is this happening to us and what should we do about it?
Price: $21.00
New Deal in Old Rome, The
How Government in the Ancient World Tried to Deal with Modern Problems
Price: $15.00
Origins of Money, The
Written in the same year that he testified before the Currency Commission in Austria-Hungary, and published in English in 1892, Carl Menger explains t...
Price: $6.95
Origins of the Federal Reserve, The
Where did this thing called the Fed come from? Murray Rothbard has the answer here -- in phenomenal detail that will make your head spin. In one exten...
Price: $8.00
Panic of 1819: Reactions and Policies - Paperback
The depression ended quickly and why? Because the government did nothing about it.
Price: $11.95
The Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics
The Austrian School did not appear out of nowhere. There was a long tradition of thought at work.
Price: $7.00
Progressive Era
Rothbard's posthumous masterpiece is the definitive book on the Progressives. It will soon be the must read study of this dreadful time in our pa...
Price: $19.95
Progressive Era - Audiobook
Click on the Audible or iTunes links to the right to purchase the fully functional audiobook, with true audiobook capabilities s...
Price: $3.75
Review of Austrian Economics, Full Collection
Edited by Murray N. Rothbard, here is the journal that built the modern Austrian movement.
Price: $170.00
Short History of Man - Digital Book
Digital Edition
Hoppe at his best! An austro-libertarian reconstruction of man's development.
Price: $3.75
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