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Economics 101 - MP3 CD

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Listening to him teach that reveals the humor, the wit, the sheer fun of experiencing his genius
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Murray Rothbard's writing always displayed the clarity of a first-rate mind, but it is listening to him teach that reveals the humor, the wit, the sheer fun of experiencing his genius.

Murray N. Rothbard: Economics 101 collects onto one MP3 CD (advanced CD players and personal computers) ten hours of lectures and speeches from the early 1970s to the early 1990s.

He is speaking in a small classroom setting, explaining economics from the ground up, and systematically in the manner of a classic 101 course on the topic--but with a revolutionary approach.

Free-wheeling, generously peppered with anecdotes, packed with humor (and the man's own infectious laughter), Murray Rothbard's lectures on free-market economics range from the most basic foundation of supply and demand to the complexities of fractional reserve banking and the business cycle.

Along the way, you will learn what money is and what it is not, where interest and profit come from and what role they play in the conservation of natural resources, what determines labor wages, what happens when wages are set artificially through the intervention of the state, and what role labor unions play in the welfare of those inside and outside the union.

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The first seven lectures have been organized so that each one builds on the others, culminating in a two-hour explanation of banking. Lecture eight is a whirlwind summary of Misesian economics -- "Mises in One Lesson" -- and the last track of the disc is an inspiring speech, given shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, on the future of Austrian economics.

After listening to these ten hours of audio, you will know more real economics than most econ majors.


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by David
on 5/5/2011
from Biloxi
Great series of lectures!
These lectures are essential for the entry-level Austrian scholar or any fan of the work of Murray Rothbard.  These recordings capture the classic personality and teaching style of one of the greatest thinkers of the last few centuries.  I have listened to this disc about five times and have not grown tired of the lectures.  

These recordings were not made in a recording booth, and, according to the description, range from the 1970s to early 1990s.  Keeping that in mind, the recordings sound pretty good.
by Joseph
on 10/27/2010
from North Las Vegas
Excellent course on Economics.
Rothbard teaches better than any professor I ever had.  I'm not sure why one reviewer complained about the quality, to me it sounded fine.  5 stars for sure!
by Shaun Connell
on 8/31/2010
from United States
Simply amazing.
I just finished the audio lessons, and I must say it was absolutely amazing. I wasn't expecting the lessons to be fantastic -- but simply a typical introduction to economics. I was wrong.

All in all, this is the cheapest way to get a grasp of basic economics that I've found. I learned more in a few hours than the months I learned back at college.

The only issue I've found was the quality of the audio. It seems that an introduction with maybe a little music would have made the DVDs simply perfect. Either way, I'm still completely impressed. Rothbard is a genius.
by John
on 8/2/2009
from Dallas
Content = 5, Audio Quality = 2
So much wonderful thought went into these lectures.  Rothbard, in his witty and entertaining style, presents a cogent and insightful look at modern economics which kept my attention from the first word to the last.

The only problem is that these lectures seem almost to have been released without remastering.  If the quality of these recordings has been improved from the original, I fear to hear what they sounded like before.

I know the end product is dependent upon what you started with, but really, was there nothing more a good sound engineer might have done with these recordings to clean them up and make them pleasant?

Overall --> 

5+ big stars for content
2 for production quality
by Kevin
on 9/6/2008
from Huntsville, AL
Over and over, again.
Rothbard's teaching style and conceptual examples both make the point clear and entertain at the same time. His unique accent and sense of humor make these recordings personally intriguing, despite the time that has lapsed since the actual lectures where they were recorded. Very easy way to learn Austrian concepts, and a great addition to a mp3 library. My iPod wouldn't be the same without the additional intellectual weight that these recordings hold.
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ISBN 9781610161909
UPC 1610161904
Publisher LvMI
Publication Date 2011
Dimensions 5.6 x 4.9 x 0.2
Type MP3
Run Time 10 hours
Packaging Case or Paper Sleeve

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