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Economics of Ludwig von Mises: Toward a Critical Reappraisal

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This collection of essays appeared early in the Misesian revival.
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This collection of essays appeared early in the Misesian revival, and continues to be essential for understanding both Mises's thought and also the stages of growth in the Misesian intellectual movement.

The contents of this work include:

  • Introduction (Lawrence S. Moss)
  • Opening Remarks: Mises, Keynes, and the Question of Influence (Fritz Machlup)
  • The Monetary Economics of Ludwig von Mises (Lawrence S. Moss)
  • Ludwig von Mises and the Theory of Capital and Interest (Israel M. Kirzner)
  • Ludwig von Mises and Economic Calculation under Socialism (Murray N. Rothbard)
  • Ludwig von Mises and the Justification of the Liberal Order(William Baumgarth)
  • Critical Discussion of the Four Papers (Karen I. Vaughn)
  • Closing Remarks (Fritz Machlup)
  • Appendix A: Chronology
  • Appendix B: Major Translated Writings of Ludwig von Mises


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ISBN 9780836206500
Binding PB
Page Length 129
Publication Date 1981
Publisher New York University Press