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Economy, Society, and History: A Seminar with Hans-Hermann Hoppe - MP3 CD

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All satism is malevolence and rest ultimately on the consent of the oppressed. Let the eyes of the opressed be opened, and there be no more statism. 

CD with ten MP3 files.
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CD with ten MP3 audio files

An Extended Seminar with Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, professor of economics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and senior fellow of the Mises Institute, presents a thorough reconstruction of the foundation of economics, social theory, and politics. Sweeping in scope and powerfully persuasive, these talks are the basis of a grand treatise in the Misesian-Rothbardian tradition.

Ten high quality MP3 audio files on one compact disc, in jewel case. Total running time: 15 hours.


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by Joseph
on 10/19/2011
from North Las Vegas
Excellent seminar
Hope is one of the greatest economic thinkers alive today. I strongly recommend purchasing this seminar. It is a very high quality recording with good interaction from the audience at the end of each segment. My suggestion is to read all of Hoppe's work, which is my intention. His views are very similar to the great Murray Rothbard, his former mentor and friend. If you like Rothbard you'll like Hope in my humble opinion.
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ISBN 9781610161541
Publisher LvMI
Type MP3
Run Time 15 hours
Packaging Case or Paper Sleeve

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Economy, Society, and History
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Economy, Society, and History is a blueprint for understanding the world, rethinking it, and creating a better one.
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