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End the Fed Mug

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End the Fed logo on one side - Economics of Freedom on the other.
Price: $10.00

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You could go to a town meeting and shout, protest in front of a Fed building, write letters for your Congressman to throw away -- or, you could sit and peacefully sip on coffee or tea and make the strongest statement of all.

End The Fed is the cause to celebrate but sometimes a graphic is worth one million words.

And just so that no one thinks that you have a narrow-mind focused only on wrecking the official counterfeiting machine and then walking away, this mug also shows your attachment to the ideals of Liberty, Property, and Peace.

This contemporary design features a contrasting-color interior glaze and rim accent color. Colors are charcoal and gray. Size is 12 ounces.



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by William
on 1/30/2014
from South Carolina
new favorite
This has supplanted my Shakespeare Insults mug as my favorite cup. In fact, I have forbidden my wife to wash it, not that I like a dirty cup... oh no, I wash it myself. It's just that she has broken so many coffee cups that I don't let her near it. If anyone at reads these reviews I would ask: make more coffee cup designs.
by Anthony
on 2/24/2011
from Racine
Good mug!
A functional liquidity trap for you and the family. The smaller base means the mug is easily affected by recessions or depressions but the large handle allows for rapid correction. A taller design in the structure of production will lend its bias toward greater consumption. You'll raise interest as co-workers and friends demand your loanable funds to get one or two of their own.
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Dimensions 12 oz

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