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Energy: The Master Resource

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The best single primer on energy also happens to be written by an Austrian economist—a Rothbardian even!
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The best single primer on energy also happens to be written by an Austrian economist—-a Rothbardian even!

Robert Bradley, a leading free market energy economist, has in collaboration with Richard Fulmer put together an outstanding book that covers the huge subject of energy, beginning with answers to the most fundamental questions (What is energy? Where does energy come from?) and proceeding to current policy applications (Are we running out of oil? Is the globe warming?). It is ideal for students and classroom use. But it is also the best book for anyone who wants to think and talk intelligently about this huge topic.

Alarmists about energy have published book after book predicting an energy crisis. We shall soon run out of oil, they claim, and this will plunge the world’s economy in crisis. As if this were not enough, man-made global warming threatens to bring about catastrophic changes.

Bradley decisively refutes these doomsayers. Oil and other fossil fuels, he shows, are abundant. Increased exploration and new techniques for extraction have produced an ample supply of oil. We face no crisis, and there is no good reason to look to solar and wind power as replacements for oil. These have long ago been rejected as inefficient by the market.

Global warming proponents also take an unduly pessimistic view. If the globe is in fact warming, the changes that ensue are likely to be on the whole beneficial.

Our real problems with energy stem not from the free market, but from ill-advised government programs, such as price control and restrictions on resource extraction.

Lew Rockwell writes: "It behooves every citizen to bone up on this subject, which is sure to grow in importance in the coming years. You need Robert Bradley's book to get clear on the technological, economic, and political issues involved in energy markets."


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by William
on 9/11/2010
from Mansfield
Energy: The Master Resource (B501)
I am still reading this book, but I have to highly recommend it to people like me who understand principles, hear all the discussion around energy and economics and want a better general understanding of how they work together.

This book is written in a light-weight conversational tone that tells a story without emotion.  It says 'this is what it is' and 'this is how it works,' leaving the reader to make his/her own judgments of the information.

I don't know anyone who would not learn and grow from reading this book.

I highly recommend this book to anyone.
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ISBN 9780757511691
Publisher Kendall Hunt Publishing
Publication Date 2004
Binding PB
Page Length 235

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