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Essentials of Economic Theory - Digital Book

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Perhaps Mises favorite American economist.
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John Bates Clark was an American adherent of the Marginalist School who engaged the Austrians and learned from them. He delivered many blows against the Historical School in favor of the idea of pure theory. He was also one of the first economists to emphasize the importance of potential completion in markets with a single or few firms and to view competition as a rivalrous process. Clark contributed to laying the foundation of what would later become a distinctly American Austrian School.

Mises regarded Clark as an outstanding economist, perhaps his favorite American economist.


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I. Wealth and Its Origin

II. Varieties of Economic Goods

III. The Measure of Consumers’ Wealth

IV. The Socialization of Industry

V. Production A Synthesis; Distribution an Analysis

VI. Value and its Relation to Different Incomes

VII. Normal Value

VIII. Wages

IX. The Law of Interest

X. Rent

XI. Land and Artificial Instruments

XII. Economic Dynamics

XIII. The Limits of an Economic Society

XIV. Effects of Dynamic Influences Within The Limited Economic Society

XV. Perpetual Change of the Social Structure

XVI. Effect of Improvements in Methods of Production

XVII. Further Influences Which Reduce the Hardships Entailed By Dynamic Changes

XVIII. Capital as Affected by Changes of Method

XIX. The Law of Population

XX. The Law of Accumulation of Capital

XXI. Conditions Insuring Progress in Method and Organization

XXII. Influences Which Pervert the Forces of Progress

XXIII. General Economic Laws Affecting Transportation

XXIV. The Foregoing Principles Applied to the Railroad Problem

XXV. Organization of Labor

XXVI. The Basis of Wages as Fixed by Arbitration

XXVII. Boycotts and the Limiting of Products

XXVIII. Protection and Monopoly

XXIX. Leading Facts Concerning Money

XXX. Summary of Conclusions


eISBN 9781610166171
Publication Date 2013
Original Publication Date 1907
Edition epub
Page Length 584

Essentials of Economics
This really ought to be considered a classic. It was published first in 1956, and had a massive impact in Latin America.
Price: $10.00
Essentials of Economics - Digital Book
This really ought to be considered a classic. It was published first in 1956, and had a massive impact in Latin America.
Price: $5.00