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Feardom: How Politicians Exploit Your Emotions and What You Can Do to Stop Them

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Manufactured fear has created widespread casualties. We need an antidote.
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What do history's most notorious despots have in common with many of the flag-waving, patriotic politicians of our day? Both groups rise to power through the exploitation of fear. Sometimes the fear derives from a pre-existing threat. At other times, crises are created or intensified to invoke a sense of panic and anxiety where none previously existed.

This pattern is as predictable as it is destructive. The end result is the same: a loss of liberty. Policies that are costly, oppressive, and harmful are supported by people who abandon any interest in freedom or personal responsibility in hopes of feeling safe.

Manufactured fear, with its negative impact on liberty, is a societal plague. There have been widespread casualties. We need an antidote. Feardom offers its readers a much-needed immunization.

"If these lessons are absorbed, the next time government sets out to expand its power in light of some crisis, it won’t be able to play Americans like a fiddle."

Tom Woods, from the book's foreword


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by Doug
on 1/2/2015
from South Jordan
This is a wonderfully written,albeit, short (160 pages) book.
Mr. Boyack writes in a easy to grasp, simple manner that gets right to the heart of the matter.
This is a super book for reference or as a gift to those that would benefit from an easy to digest book on fear and the state. This ease of reading does not detract from the book being full of knowledge for even the most ardent liberty lover.
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ISBN 9780989291262
UPC 098929126X
Publisher Libertas Press
Publication Date 12/8/2014
Binding PB
Page Length 160

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