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Foreign Policy of Freedom, A

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There is one and only one voice in Congress for a foreign policy of freedom, and it belongs to Ron Paul, who has stood alone for freedom for many years.
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There is one and only one voice in Congress for a foreign policy of freedom, and it belongs to Ron Paul, who has stood alone for freedom for many years. Ron is the seemingly impossible: a voice for reason and truth in a den of thieves.

A Foreign Policy of Freedom is his 372-page manifesto, a collection of inspired statements to the House of Representatives that show him to be the most consistent and morally responsible politician, perhaps, in the whole of American history.

This book takes on a special significance with his 2008 run for the US presidency. Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., writes the introduction.

Recently, you might have heard Ron condemning foreign aid, the Iraq War, our vast and needlessly growing military budgets, bombings of this country and that, troops in most all countries in the world, and all the other meddlesome activities of the US empire. This foreign policy, Congressman Paul has pointed out, is contrary to American ideals, diminishes American liberty, and ends up making worse the very problems it seeks to alleviate.

But did you know that Ron has been delivering this message through thick and thin from his first day in Congress in 1976 until the present day? That's 31 years of prophetic warnings, 31 years of courageous stands against the tide, 31 years of being proven right by subsequent events. There are no flip-flops, backpedals, regrets, or cover-ups. He has told the truth again and again, no matter what it cost him.

In the middle of the Cold War, he decried the endless streams of subsidies from the US to communist governments. At the same time, he stood firm against aid to insurgents seeking to overthrow those regimes. He sensibly pointed out that the Soviet Union would collapse if it had to face financial reality, and an end to US aid would make that possible. He has been a stickler on the power of the presidency, refusing to grant the president authority to start wars without Congressional approval.

Herein you will find a chronicle of hypocrisy. Paul condemned the policy that subsidized Saddam Hussein, and the policy that waged war on Iraq and killed Saddam. The same is true of Noriega in Panama and the "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan who later made up the shock troops of Al-Qaeda.

"Our experiment with foreign policy interventionism has failed, just as our experience with domestic economic interventionism has failed," he said in 1982.

He said the same in mid-1990s.

"War, and the threat of war, are big government's best friend," he wrote only recently. "Liberals support big government social programs, and conservatives support big government war policies, thus satisfying two major special interest groups. And when push comes to shove, the two groups cooperate and support big government across the board — always at the expense of personal liberty. Both sides pay lip service to freedom, but neither stands against the welfare-warfare state and its promises of unlimited entitlements and endless war."

In many ways, this book is a history of a quarter century of folly, told by a man who saw what others did not, and had the temerity to state his view publicly. No voice for peace has been as consistent in the demand that government stop its intervention across the board. No supporter of free markets has been so determined to apply the logic of liberty to all aspects of foreign policy.

This book makes Ron Paul's place in history. There has never been anything so forthright, truth telling, and ultimately devastating from a US politician. Not since Taft has there been a book like this, and this one makes Taft's own classic seems vague and abstract by comparison.



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by Ian
on 12/31/2009
from Stuarts Draft
Great Book
I loved this book. It encompasses a true statesmen and his career showing that being right, generally means you will be ignored in DC. I loved how time and time again Ron Paul said one thing, the establishment did the other, and he was right every time. A great read for someone who hears the attacks on Mr. Paul and wants to know his position and philosophy and whether the attacks have any merit.

An absolute great read I have recommended to all my friends.
by Shane
on 1/31/2009
from Roseville, CA
Awesome book!
I highly recommend this book! A great collection of the speeches Ron Paul made throughout the years. I made a great choice in buying this book. 
by Jared
on 5/23/2008
from Dallas, Texas
Policy Positions to Further 'the rEVOLution'
A Foreign Policy of Freedom is not only a must-read for any person interested in liberty, it is a MUST for anyone that is apathetic towards politics. Throughout the 2008 campaign I was able to refer back to this detailed compilation of Dr. Paul's own statements to discuss the campaign with potential voters. Safe to say that anyone who had a concern over an issue was satisfied once I provided them with Dr. Paul's own words from the floor of the House.
It is amazing to read Dr. Paul's positions and older statements dating back twenty years, which are so timely today - from warning of blowback due to US empire or the continuing depreciation of the US dollar. He hits the nail on the head everytime. This is a perfect policy-specific book to accompany his latest NY Times BEST SELLER, "The Revolution: a Manifesto". 
Freedom is alive and well.
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ISBN 9780912453002
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