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Fugitive Essays

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The editor of this volume is to be commended for an outstanding job of finding many of the most rare of Chodorov's writings
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If you were putting together a collection of writings by Frank Chodorov, what would you include? It's an almost impossible task because he wrote so much and there is explosive insight in nearly every piece. The goal might be, as it is in this volume, to include the work that was nearly lost to history because its original venue vanished from public memory.

So the editor of this volume, Charles Hamilton, is to be commended for an outstanding job of finding many of the most rare of Chodorov's writings from Human Events and Analysisand putting them in a single book.

The energy of his prose and the power of his arguments hasn't diminished with time; indeed this book shows that Chodorov is for the ages.

Just take a look at the contents:

Part I: The Political Mentality

  • The Dogma of Our Times
  • Washington: A Psychosis
  • Washington, the American Mecca
  • Remember Robespierre

    Part II: Natural Rights and Unnatural Wrongs
  • Source of Rights
  • Economics Versus Politics
  • From God or the Sword?
  • Government Contra State
  • Civilization or Caveman Economy?
  • Free Will and the Marketplace
  • One Worldism

    Part III: Why We Have Socialism
  • About Socialism and Socialists
  • The “Crime” of the Capitalists
  • A Fifty-Year Project

    Part IV: Communism and America
  • Let’s Teach Communism
  • Commies Don’t Count
  • How to Curb the Commies
  • How Communism Came to America

    Part V: Why Don’t You Propose
  • Something Constructive?
  • On Saving the Country
  • If We Quit Voting
  • What Individualism Is Not
  • Thought and the World of Action
  • Why Teach Freedom?

    Part VI: Education and Freedom
  • My Friend’s Education
  • Why Free Schools Are Not Free
  • Private Schools: The Solution to America’s
  • Educational Problem

    Part VII: Taxation Is Robbery
  • The Revolution of 1913
  • Socialism via Taxation

    Part VIII: An Individualist’s Heritage
  • Thomas Jefferson, Rebel!
  • George Mason of Virginia
  • Henry David Thoreau
  • The Articulate Individualist

    Part IX: The International Scene
  • Reds Are Natives
  • Isolationism
  • A Byzantine Empire of the West?
  • Free Trade for Preparedness

    Part X: When War Comes
  • A Jeremiad
  • Warfare Versus Welfare
  • A War to Communize America

    Part XI: It’s Fun to Fight
  • On Doing Something About It
  • Freedom Is Better
  • Let’s Try Capitalism
  • About Revolutions
  • A Legacy of Value

    Selected Bibliography of Chodorov’s Works


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