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Fundamentals of Economic Analysis: A Causal-Realist Approach - MP3 CD

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2007 Seminar 10 lectures on 1 MP3 Audio CD
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2007 Seminar 10 lectures on 1 MP3 Audio CD

Also 10 lectures on 10 DVDs

This is the ideal full course instructional set on audio for anyone--college, high school, professional--who wants to come to understand the most advanced thinking within the Austrian School.

It includes all lectures plus supporting material, bibliographies, and more tools - all in electronic form.

Joseph Salerno and Peter G. Klein are two of the most productive microeconomists in the Austrian School today. This seminar gives you a preview of their forthcoming textbook for graduate students. It is both rigorous and clear -- and a bargain for any student.

  • Scarcity, Choice, and Value [Salerno]
  • Exchange and Demand [Salerno]
  • The Determination of Prices [Klein]
  • Price Controls: Case Studies [Salerno]
  • Pricing of the Factors of Production and the Labor Market [Klein]
  • Profit, Loss and the Entrepreneur [Klein]
  • Capital, Interest and the Structure of Production [Salerno]
  • Competition and Monopoly [Klein]
  • Money and Prices [Salerno]
  • Banking and the Business Cycle [Salerno]


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ISBN 9781610161718
Type MP3
Publisher LvMI
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