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Global Currency Plot - Digital Book

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If you want to understand what is really happening in politics and in the international monetary system, you have to read this book!


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Money today is a political tool. To understand the implications of this, you first have to understand the agenda of those who wield political power. The political trend for decades has been toward democratic socialism, with its abhorrence of markets and its love of the planned economy. Its continued success must worry anyone who desires freedom and prosperity.
The Global Currency Plot puts socialism to a rigorous test of logic and finds it wanting. Polleit offers an antidote to democratic socialism and its monetary conquest—the private law society with a free market for money.
The book is primarily intended for the noneconomist, but it will appeal to anyone who seeks answers to the political trends and economic news of today.


With clear logic Thorsten Polleit shows in this important work the aims and ways in which democratic socialism moves toward a globally planned state, dominated by a “nomenclatura.” With convincing logic he also presents the free market economy as a superior alternative. A fascinating book!

—H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein

Is there a connection between political centralization, mass immigration and the quest for a common currency? Yes. Thorsten Polleit exposes with captivating logic the destructive power of democratic socialism, its tools and its aspirations for world domination. Both an enlightening and cautionary book. Essential reading!

—Malte Fischer, economist


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ISBN 9781610167567
eISBN 9781610167635
Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Publication Date 02/01/2023
Edition eBook