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Hayek on Hayek

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What a remarkable life F.A. Hayek lived, and this book chronicles it all in his own words. It is an autobiography in the form of interviews.
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What a remarkable life F.A. Hayek lived, and this book chronicles it all in his own words. It is an autobiography in the form of interviews that took place over many years. He discusses his education, along with many personal stories from the early Vienna years. He discusses his teachers, and Mises himself figures very strongly in his account.

He discusses his intellectual odyssey that took him from soft-socialist to one of the world's leading defenders of the free market order. We hear about the London scene, and his work at the University of Chicago. All the big names are here: Schumpeter, Samuelson, Walras, Tawney, Popper, Bauer, Keynes, Lachmann, George, Kant, Darwin, and a hundred others. Also, it is not only autobiographical. He assesses his own contributions to economic thought, and their significance.

He also talks about the interpretations of his work by others, and whether and to what extent he finds them correct. This is a wonderful way to get to know Hayek's ideas and the man behind the ideas. Truly an indispensable work by on and by an intellectual who made an extraordinary mark on history.


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by B
on 4/18/2010
from New Orleans
Hayek's Life
This book is a comprehensive autobiographical account of Hayek's personal and professional life. He covers in detail much more than I had anticipated, and it helps me to better understand Hayek's ideas and how he developed them. Another benefit stems from his personal thoughts on other economists, such as Mises and Keynes. I do, however, still have some trouble following his thoughts on psychology and pattern prediction. Also, the debate found in the latter half of the book felt out of place and didn't show Hayek at his best. But these are rather minor grievances. I am quite satisfied with this autobiography.
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ISBN 9780865977402
Binding PB
Page Length 177
Publication Date 2008

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