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History of Political Philosophy: Plato to Rothbard - MP3 CD

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Travel with a master through the history of political philosophy, from the ancients to the moderns and the still living.
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Travel with a master through the history of political philosophy, from the ancients to the moderns and the still living. This lively course will tell what you need to know about Plato, Aristotle, the Medieval thinkers, Locke, Roussseau, Hobbes, and thinkers like Strauss and Nozick - and not excluding the Austrians such as Menger, Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard.

Gordon gives a fair presentation of their ideas with attention to aspects that are usually overlooked, such as: what precisely do these people want the state to do? What is their view concerning how the state can accomplish its goals? What is their view toward commerce and its place in society?

He gives you the detail you need and the overview that makes political philosophy so very interesting. Here are 10 lectures in MP3 format that not only substitute for a graduate-school overview but go beyond the conventional because of the instructor's primary emphasis on human liberty.

This set is a great presentation for students of all ages - ten full lectures that tell you what you need to know. You will appreciate Dr. Gordon's calm, erudite, and spectacular survey of the friends and enemies of freedom in the history of ideas.

MP3-CD with David Gordon


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by Jesse Cohen
on 11/5/2010
from Warminster, Pennsylvania
The Genius of David Gordon
I'm currently taking a political philosophy course and this series of lectures has helped me understand many key theories, which Gordon conveys in simple language, I'm guessing because he understands the topics so well. These lectures actually introduced me to David Gordon and the Mises Institute, which I'm grateful to finally have found. Enough said. Listen.
by Joseph
on 10/27/2010
from North Las Vegas
Average is all I can give it.
I hate to do this but I feel the need to let people know before purchasing this that it is very dry.  The professor does have great knowledge on the subjects but it is very slow and dull.
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ISBN 9781610161817
Publisher LvMI
Type MP3
Run Time 911:06
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