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Lapel Pin

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Mises Institute's emblem on detailed gold-plated pin
Price: $2.00


There are very few ways to fight back against the statist trends of our time, but sometimes the most subtle can also be the most effective. This lapel pin is gorgeous, and carries the right message. The quality is top notch, and at this price you can get one for all your jackets.

The emblem of the Mises Institute, Ludwig von Mises's family crest, is highly detailed in five colors on a gold-plated pin. Butterfly clasp, 3/4" length.

The coat of arms was awarded in 1881 when Ludwig von Mises's great-grandfather Mayer Rachmiel Mises was ennobled by the Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria. In the upper right-hand quadrant is the staff of Mercury, god of commerce and communication (the Mises family was successful in both; they were merchants and bankers). In the lower left-hand quadrant is a representation of the Ten Commandments.

Mayer Rachmiel, as well as his father, presided over various Jewish cultural organizations in Lemberg, the city where Ludwig was born. The red banner displays the Rose of Sharon, which in the litany is one of the names given to the Blessed Mother, as well as the Stars of the Royal House of David, a symbol of the Jewish people.

In general, what the pin symbolizes is resistance through the ideas of freedom. That's all people need to know.


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by Grant
on 5/9/2021
from Fargo
Excellent Piece
This is an excellent way to show public support for the Mises Institute and the Austrian School. I wear one of these every day and it has been a reliable piece of my wardrobe. One should take a few precautions not to put too much strain on the clasp of course, but I haven't had any issues as long as I am aware of situations where the clasp could be put in a strained position and take the appropriate precautions. I have plenty of these handy and will be continuing to get some to pass out to other supporters of the Austrian School in my area. Strongly recommend these to all those suit-and-tie wearers out there especially! 
by Cameron
on 2/15/2014
from Provo
While I love and support the Mises Institute, I am quite disappointed in this product. I bought two of them (one for each of my suits) about two or three months ago. They are now both officially lost. For both I eventually looked down at my lapel and they were gone. When these pins are made much better--and hold much better than they do now--I'd love to get them again.

My advice? Do not buy.
by Frank
on 12/11/2012
from Amsterdam
Far more beautiful in reality than on the photo
Wasn't very enthusiastic when ordering it, but now I wear it every day. With pride. Highly recommended.
by Ryan
on 12/27/2010
from Detroit
A Very Happy Customer
It is a beautiful pin, I plan on wearing it daily (except when wearing my LvMI tie).  
on 12/7/2009
The cost of this coin is in line with the going rate for minted silver coins providing that the finish is exquisitely done and the number of coins produced is of a limited edition. As of 12/07/2009 the comex price of 1000 oz silver bars is $18.20 having dropped around $1 in the last few days. If your buying strictly as an investment and in large quantities then the Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leaf are the way to go. I suspect most people would be buying this coin for sentimental or collector purposes. A nice commemorative in any event.

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