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Lessons from a Lemonade Stand: An Unconventional Guide to Government

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The ideas of freedom can heal our world and improve our lives.

An introductory primer intended for teens and young adults. 
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"The ideas of freedom can heal our world and improve our lives. Lessons from a Lemonade Stand provides an ample supply of this much-needed medicine. My prescription for the rising generation? Read this book!
Lawrence W. Reed, President, Foundation for Economic Education

Are all laws legitimate? And does winning a popularity contest (also called an election) give somebody the authority to boss you around? What if the government outlaws something you need to do? Is it okay to break the law if doing what is right has been classified as wrong?

This unconventional guide to government is thought provoking, engaging, and filled with examples. Lessons from a Lemonade Stand offers essential answers for teenagers and anyone looking to better understand the world of seemingly irrational government and nonsensical laws.


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ISBN 9781943521180
Publisher Libertas Press
Publication Date 12/12/2017
Binding PB
Page Length 187
Dimensions 5x8

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