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Lincoln Unmasked

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This fiery book goes far more into depth than his first blockbuster on the subject.
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Another book by Thomas DiLorenzo? Yes indeed, but this one goes far more into depth than his first blockbuster on the subject. Recall that DiLorenzo single-handedly dragged serious Lincoln scholarship into the mainstream to show that he was not the great liberator but a classic despot in every way. This book explores the network of academics, gatekeepers, historicans, and politicians who invented the myth and keep it alive.

You just can't believe what incredible fibs the hagiographers have told about Lincoln--all documented with extreme precision herein. Walter Berns, leading member of the Lincoln cult, said that though Lincoln micromanaged a war that killed hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens, Lincoln himself "purged his heart and mind from hatred or even anger towards his fellow-countrymen of the South."

If you think that's nuts, wait until you see what DiLorenzo quotes from Harry Jaffa!

Further, the Lincoln apologists have consistently defended his totalitarian methods of wartime governance.

DiLorenzo discusses how the Lincoln cult came into being and came to dominate national politics--and how completely far from the truth they have strayed. They have buried the reality of who he was and what he did in the service of a mythical civic ethos that celebrates devotion to the central state above all else.

Warning: This book is super hot, written with the passion of a researcher who knows his subject better than all his critics, past, present, and future.

They say that Lincoln struck a blow for liberty but this book is what strikes the real blow for liberty and truth. DiLorenzo is a brave man who doesn't shy away from busting every myth Americans have come to believe about the man on the penny--and he shows that the conventional story isn't worth as much.


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by Nick
on 1/26/2010
T.J. Dilorenzo the Iconoclast
Mr DiLorenzo eviscerates the false truths of "Lincoln the Great Emancipator"
Bringing such things to light as, Lysander Spooner's abolitionist views, the truth of the Bellamy Salute (i.e. The Pledge of Allegiance), Lincoln's inflationary policy, and of coarse... the Tariffs
I am happy that this is in my collection of books and can share it's knowledge with my friends
by Marilyn Ghiotti
on 3/17/2009
from New York
Lincoln Unmasked
What an eye opener!  I have continued to research Lincoln and have come to the conclusion that to have sent 75,000 men into the state of Virginia and war against citizens of our country -- in my estimation was totally uncalled for.  He could have made a stronger effort in resolving the issues of the day before sending the troupes.  The price for his decision was 630,000 lives forever lost. I would recommend this book highly and also recommend that individuals research on their own.  Sometimes the truth is difficult to take.   
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ISBN 9780307338426
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