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Mises Crest Bow Tie (Navy)

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This tie has no adjuster but will fit most neck sizes.

This all-silk woven tie, embroidered with the Mises shield, is of dazzling beauty and stately elegance.
Price: $14.00


We've offered the Mises bowtie for a few years now, but on the new release, we've made a substantial change. We gone back to an older form of bowtie the 1950s or so. The ends come to a point in a triangle shape. When you tie it, an interesting complexity appears. On one side, the point edge is in front. On the other side, it is in back. The overall effect is quite beautiful and elegant, nearly polyphonic and 3-D in its appearance. It is unusual but it should be: in fact, it looks very stylish!

Now, the Mises bowtie is unique in every way. It just signals that the wearer knows what's what - and has the confidence to show it.

This all-silk woven tie, embroidered with the Mises shield, is of dazzling beauty and stately elegance.

When we set out to design the Mises Institute tie, we sought to do more than create a conventional institutional product. We wanted something that is beautiful, something that aspired to be a tie that stands up the highest standards of quality and artistic brilliance. It should be the tie with a pattern and color that would be the first you would pick among all your ties.

We believe that we succeeded. Note the deep navy, which is perfectly matched with the same color in the Habsburg shield of the von Mises family, a color that serves as the perfect complement to greys and blues in coats and suits. The Decalogue is detailed, the Rose of Sharon clear, the caduceus of Mercury visible even in its small size.

Thus too the super-sturdy silk fabric, which is the same you find in the shops of the best and most established makers of fine neckwear for men. It is easy to tie, but the knot retains it shape, so that it looks strong and certain.

And so even if this were not the Mises Institute tie, even if it didn't feature the family crest of the greatest economist and freedom fighter of the modern epoch, it would merit a high place in any wardrobe. But as the person wearing the tie, you know it means far more. It stands for principle, for right, for truth and stamina in the face of evil, and integrity above all else.

The tie comes in the traditional four-in-hand style, as well as a bow tie model. The traditional tie explains itself. As for the bow, the conventional line on those who wear them is that they are secret bomb throwers, or so says John T. Mallow (author of Dress for Success), and perhaps there is a grain of truth in that. But it also suggests independence of mind and clarity of thought. Of course Murray Rothbard would have adored this tie.

Yes, at $25, the quality comparies to ties at fine shops that sell for $65 and higher, and the look is truly unsurpassed. You will be very impressed indeed, and so will anyone who observes you wearing this monument to excellent taste and dedication to freedom.


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by Rigo
on 3/21/2016
Nice Bowtie
This is a great tie and a perfect conversation starter.
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