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Mises University Book Bundle

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Mises U Books



Mises U is the full package: the highly qualified students (who average a 3.5 GPA) accepted into the program receive a week of lectures spanning all areas of Austrian thought and one-on-one access to the top scholars of our time—all while on a full scholarship covering tution, room, and board. Best of all, they become part of a network of liberty-focused peers, often walking away with the lifelong allies and support that every dissident needs to thrive. Offering—and continuing—this priceless education is crucial for those of us worried about a future dominated by a generation of entitled leftists.

Books in the kit:
1. Human Action
2. Man, Economy, and State, with Power and Market
3. Principles of Economics
4. The Mystery of Banking
5. Against the Left
6. Economics in One Lesson
7. Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles
8. The Failure of the "New Economics"
9. Bastiat Collection
10. How to Think about the Economy


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