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We call them liberty bands.
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When we first offered these, we figured we had enough for years. To our surprise, they sold out quickly! We then put together a new version, and we like it even more. It is bolder, stronger, more striking--and we were able to knock a dollar off the price! Now it is as low as it can get - all in the interest of spreading the ideas.

We are now on our third stocking of this popular item. And why so popular? They start conversations. They provide an opportunity to tell a great story about how Mises fled the Nazi takeover and then left Geneva, all while remembering the slogan from Virgil.

These are often called "power bands" but since the purpose of these is to make a statement on behalf of Misesian ideals, we call them liberty bands.

They are also called "Awareness bracelets" and often carry the slogan of some fashionable (and sometimes statist) cause.

They carry the lifetime motto of Ludwig von Mises, as taken from Virgil, "Tu ne cede malis," or do not give in to evil (Virgil continues: "but proceed ever more boldly against it!"). The other side includes the name of the web's site for liberty,

They are made from silicone, stronger than the rubber type you find around, and are made to fit most any wrist.

Does it seem strange that you would wear such a thing? Well, put it on once, and we are betting that you won't take it off. It reminds us of what is important about the struggle of our epoch.


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by Peter
on 11/17/2020
from San Antonio
Not round any more
I had bought some of these 10 years ago and they were great quality.  Now these new ones look like they were churned out in record time with worn-out tooling.  They're not evenly circular / round (which is annoying when wearing them),  edges are not evenly cut - just poor quality.  A shame.  I love the concept, but I won't buy any more.
by Scott
on 8/2/2012
Bring back the sweatshop bracelet!
Bring back the sweatshop bracelet!
by That Old Guy
on 10/2/2011
from CT
Very Cool
I'm really happy with the liberty band. Having just gotten it today, I haven't had much opportunity to explain it yet-can't wait to do so. My only complaint is that when I got it, the shape of the band was a little bent. For instance, if I were to put it on a table so that I could read it, it wouldn't lie flat on the table. Hopefully, it will get a better shape as time passes. Apart from this, I'm very happy with the bracelet!
by Tyrone Dell
on 1/17/2011
from NYC
Tu ne cede malis
I wear mine everyday. You would not believe how many people look at it and ask me what it means. A truly wonderful way to strike up conversation and plant some intellectual seeds into the general populace!
by Curt
on 5/25/2010
from Redmond
I wear it every day.
I keep a handful in a drawer in my living room, and give them to people who are interested.  To the uninitiated it's a 'mystery' to be solved.  And it's more likely to get them to read

And I wear it every day, and go through about one a quarter. Glad the new ones are even better. 
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