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Monopoly on Violence - Blu-Ray

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The Blu-Ray disc for the documentary, “The Monopoly On Violence”, an examination of the state and the those who oppose it.
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This is a story of the violence and coercion that underlies our modern societies. Most of the time, our interactions are peaceful and consensual, but there is a large notable exception. The state maintains its power and ability to create law by the constant threat of force. It prohibits competition to its authority, and in this sense, represents a monopoly.

Featuring interviews with: James C. Scott, David Friedman, Michael Huemer, Scott Horton, Stephan Kinsella, Max Borders, Thaddeus Russell, Tom Woods, Walter Block, Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Maj Toure, Andrew Napolitano, Bob Murphy, Mark Thornton, Ryan McMaken and many more. 


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