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Navigating the Boom/Bust Cycle: An Entrepreneur's Survival Guide

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Will Your Business Be Prepared When the Bubble Bursts?
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Sabrin's book is a must guide for corporate executives, managers, and business owners, for any size company; and for MBA students and executives in professional education programs and seminars to assist them better manage their companies during the boom-bust cycle.

The business cycle in the United States has been characterized booms and busts for decades. But how can corporate executives and their firms not just survive--but also thrive--when economic bubbles burst? And how can small business owners steer their companies during the business cycle so they too can thrive and survive.

This book is designed to give them tools and strategies to do that. After that grounding in fundamentals, readers are given specific tools and strategies that entrepreneurs and executives can use to help their companies prepare for when the next bubble bursts.


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ISBN 9781637421192
Publisher Business Expert Press
Publication Date 10/5/2021
Binding PB
Page Length 187
Dimensions 6x9

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