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Nock T-Shirt Heather Green

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Don't wear this shirt through the security line.
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He is sometimes called "the anarchist aristocrat." Certainly he is one of the most overlooked but still influential intellectuals of the 20th century. Author of Our Enemy, The State, Jefferson, and other seminal essays, Nock upheld a radical view of the individual and his relation to the state.

Anyone who has read his works comes away changed. Rothbard was deeply influenced by him, and so was the whole generation of free market thinkers of the 50s. Two decades earlier, he was a famous editor and essayist, but the New Deal swept away his name from the public. This shirt is hence a fitting tribute--a way of bringing new light to his fantastic literary legacy.

The shirt says it plainly enough: Our Enemy, The State.

All shirts are 100% cotton pre-shrunk. Chest sizes are:

  • 34"-36" - Small
  • 38"-40" - Medium
  • 42"-44" - Large
  • 46"-48" - XL
  • 50"-52" - XXL


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by Scott
on 4/15/2010
from Rancho Cucamonga
Pre-shrunk shirt has shrunk from XL to L
Sorry to say that the "pre-shrunk" must have not applied to my shirt.  It's very disappointing to wear an XL, buy a "pre-shrunk" XL only to have it shrink to a L after one washing.  My white undershirts that are not pre-shrunk haven't shrunk as much as this shirt.  It is now a rag.  I hate wasting money.
by Matt
on 5/8/2009
from Williamsburg, VA
Love of Liberty
I love my Nock shirt. People will look at and say "Yeah, me too." And I will ask, "Really? How so?" Sadly no one ever has a good answer. Their instincts are typically liberty oriented but...muddled and confused.
by James
on 12/2/2008
from Newfoundland
Got questioned twice about the shirt going through airports. Turns a lot of heads. I like it because it always me to explain Nock's view of government.
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