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Short History of Man: Progress and Decline

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Hoppe at his best! An austro-libertarian reconstruction of man's development.
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A Short History of Man: Progress and Decline represents nothing less than a sweeping revisionist history of mankind, in a concise and readable volume. Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe skillfully weaves history, sociology, ethics, and Misesian praxeology to present an alternative — and highly challenging — view of human economic development over the ages.

As always, Dr. Hoppe addresses the fundamental questions as only he can. How do family and social bonds develop? Why is the concept of private property so vitally important to human flourishing? What made the leap from a Malthusian subsistence society to an industrial society possible? How did we devolve from aristocracy to monarchy to social democratic welfare states? And how did modern central governments become the all-powerful rulers over nearly every aspect of our lives?

Dr. Hoppe examines and answers all of these often thorny questions without resorting to platitudes or bowdlerized history. This is Hoppe at his best: calmly and methodically skewering sacred cows.


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Introduction: An Austro-Libertarian Reconstruction

1: On the Origin of Private Property and the Family

I. The Setting: History

II. The Problem: Theory

III. The Solution: Theory and History

2: From the Malthusian Trap to the Industrial Revolution: Reflections on Social Evolution

I. Economic Theory

II. Economic History: The Problem

III. History Explained

IV. Implications and Outlook

3: From Aristocracy to Monarchy to Democracy


ISBN 9781610165914
eISBN 9781610166409
UPC 9781610165914
Publisher Mises Institute
Publication Date 03/09/2015
Binding PB
Page Length 144
Dimensions 6x9

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