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Busting Myths about the State and the Libertarian Alternative

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This book answers all the tough questions libertarians get from statists, and is perfect for ripping apart purported justifications for the state and common myths about libertarianism.
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In non-technical terms, the libertarian is simply someone who is against the use of force against peaceful people in civil society. You would think that this would be a universally accepted idea, but to believe in government as we know it is to be at odds with this idea. There are many popular myths that are used to try to justify the existence of the state, and also many popular myths about libertarianism and the free market. This book explodes both sets of myths, and is both a primer for those taking a first look at these topics, as well as a tool for libertarians looking to sharpen their advocacy.


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Table of Contents


I. The Statist’s View



II. Myths About The Nature Of The State

Myth #1: The State Is Good And Does Good

Myth #2: The State Acts By Consent

Myth #3: The State Acts For The “Common Good”

Myth #4: The State And Its Personnel Deserve Our Support

Myth #5: Democracy Is Good, Better, Best

Myth #6: The State Dispenses Criminal Justice

III. The Free Market

What Is The “Free Market”?

Economics 101

Austrian Economics

Myth #7: The Free Market Creates An Inequality Problem

Myth #8: The Free Market Exploits Workers

IV. Myths Justifying The Need For The State

Acquiescence To The State

Myth #9: The State Is An Improvement On The Free Market

Myth #10: We Need The State To Provide “Public Goods”[20]

Myth #11: We Need The State To Deal With Negative Externalities

Myth #12: We Need The State To Deal With Anti-Competitive Behavior

Myth #13: The “Hobbesian Fear”

V. Busting The Myths About Libertarianism

What Is Libertarianism?

Myth #14: Libertarians Are Utopian!

Myth #15: It’s Every Man For Himself!

Myth #16: Libertarianism = Chaos!

Myth #17: We’d Be Defenseless!

Myth #18: There Goes The Environment!

Myth #19: Somalia Disproves The Case For Libertarianism!

Myth #20: Libertarians Are Shills For The Powerful!

Myth #21: Libertarians Don’t Care About The Poor!

Myth #22: Libertarians Are Pro-Prostitution And Pro-Narcotics!

Myth #23: If It’s So Good, Then Why Hasn’t It Ever Been Tried?

Myth #24: Libertarianism Is A Futile Endeavor!

VI. Why Does It Matter?

Minimizing Conflict Within Society

Opposing War

Governing By Principle, Not Arbitrarily

VII. Conclusion

Afterword: A Personal Perspective

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ISBN 978161016696
Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Publication Date 10/08/2018
Edition 2nd
Binding PB
Page Length 248
Dimensions 6x9

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