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Critique of Interventionism

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The sequel to Socialism, this book stands as a masterpiece of policy logic.
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In Socialism, Ludwig von Mises illustrated how Marxism will always fail.

In Liberalism, he made the case for a free society.
In Interventionism, he tackled the world we live in now!
After the failures of socialism became clear to most of civilized society, central planners began to focus on the "third way." 
Rather than seizing the means of production, interventionism gives government indirect control of most of everyday life. Markets may still exist, but a regime of taxes, tariffs, price controls, and a growing regulatory state gives the State ever growing control over what is produced and how it should be produced. The result is instability, resulting in ever greater government control — a road to socialism  or a restoration of a truly free market. 
Written in the 1920s, Mises's critique is as important now as ever before. 


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This volume's contents include:

  • Introduction (Hans F. Senholz)
  • Foreword (F.A. Hayek)

  • I. Interventionism
    • 1. Interventionism as an Economic System
    • 2. The Nature of Intervention
    • 3. Restrictions of Production
    • 4. Interference with Prices
    • 5. Destruction Resulting from Intervention
    • 6. The Doctrine of Interventionism
    • 7. The Historical and Practical Arguments for Interventionism
    • 8. Recent Writings on the Problems of Interventionism

  • II. The Hampered Market Economy
    • 1. The Prevailing Doctrine of the Hampered Market Economy
    • 2. The Thesis of Schmalenbach

  • III. Social Liberalism
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Socialism of the Chair
    • 3. Liberalism and Social Liberalism
    • 4. Control or Economic Law?
    • 5. The Methodensteit
    • 6. The Economic Doctrines of Social Liberalism
    • 7. The Concept and Crisis of Social Policy
    • 8. Max Weber and the Socialists of the Chair
    • 9. The Failure of the Prevailing Ideology

  • IV. Anti-Marxism
    • 1. Marxism in German Science
    • 2. National (Anti-Marxian) Socialism
    • 3. Sombart as Marxist and Anti-Marxist
    • 4. Anti-Marxism and Science

  • V. Theory of Price Controls
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Price Controls
    • 3. The Significance of the Thoery of Price Control for the Theory of Social Organization

  • VI. The Nationalization of Credit?
    • 1. Private Interest and Public Interest
    • 2. Bureaucratic Management or Profit Management of Banking?
    • 3. The Danger of Overexpansion and Immobilization
    • 4. Summation

  • Readings for Further Reference
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index
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Publication Date 05/24/2001
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