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Ex America: The 50th Anniversary of the People's Pottage

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The book that immortalized Garet Garret, the writer whose name had been familiar to American readers in the 1920s and 1930s but who turned against the regime
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Esau had traded his birthright for a mess of pottage, and the American people did the same in rallying behind FDR and the New Deal, a program that not only failed spectacularly but seriously damaged American freedom.

Thus the title of the book that immortalized Garet Garret, the writer whose name had been familiar to American readers in the 1920s and 1930s but who turned against the regime and paid a serious price for it.

This is the 50th anniversary edition of this classic work, with an introduction by Bruce Ramsey, who tells the story of Garrett's life and the place of this book in it.

This book is the darkest of all his works, but he tells the full truth about the disaster of the New Deal. It contains three eloquent and long essays: “The Revolution Was,” which explains how the revolution came to the U.S. “within the form”; “Ex-America” which attacks the heart of the New Deal, and “The Rise of Empire,” which critically links the New Deal to the drive for entering World War II as an extension of the collectivist ambitions of Roosevelt.

Here we have an illustration of the reality that the “conservative” idea did not begin with William F. Buckley, as people sometimes believe. Garet was passionate, erudite, and compelling, and he understood what the newly born American right of the mid-1950s wanted to erase from memory: the welfare and warfare states are two sides of the same stolen coin.

Murray Rothbard adored the book and tried to keep its memory alive. For it truly would have been a classic that every generation of political thinker would have read, but for the fact that it appeared in 1954, just before the New Right decided to blackout all memory of the genuine right that resisted the New Deal.

But now Garet Garrett is back and he is speaking again. What an enormous talent and what a heroic battler for liberty he was! This is his indispensable work.


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by Mr. M.
on 12/2/2012
from NYC
Clears up a question of "how?"
I found "Ex America" to be fascinating and haunting. My questions about the ability of strong Americans to get duped were answered. His laying out of the FDR plan, which had to be planned in advance as it was so seamless and specific, is fascinating to read. It was also a horror as it seemed as if I was watching a free people and a libertarian society vanish before my eyes. We're taught in school that FDR is a godlike figure, and criticism of him is the purview of kooks and nuts. Garrett takes that idea and obliterates it. He'll also prove to you that the critics of the New Deal had a great case, and the Establishment had to work very hard to stifle the words of Garrett and Flynn and Nock. If you want to know why we're in a country that lacks freedom and is a ticking financial time bomb, Garrett's "Ex America" will tell you.
by William
on 7/3/2012
from Portland
A Must-Read!
This book is a must-read for all libertarians and small-government conservatives!
by zensquirrel
on 1/6/2011
from West Virginia
How we got here from there
A classic work in opposition to the rise of the modern welfare-warfare state starting with the New Deal.  Combines three works, "The Revolution Was", "Ex America", and "Rise of Empire".  Many areas are covered: the role of inflation as a weapon to increase State power, the U.S. reversal from exporting ideals of liberty to importing ideals of statism from Europe.  

"Rise of Empire", written in 1952 is a real gem - detailing the rise of the permanent warfare state and highly quotable and relevant today.  On the Pentagon: "represents...a forethought of perpetual war".  On empire: "Ascendancy of the military mind, to such a point at last that the civilian mind is intimidated".  How the country was committed to empire: "with slogans, concealments, equivocations, a propaganda of fear, and in every crisis an appeal for unity..."

What Garrett calls the "Empire of the Bottomless Purse" is still with us today.  This book is long overdue for rediscovery.
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